A Study of Dual Language Instruction in the American School System

  • Ekaterine Pipia


This article was designed to determine the value of recently implemented dual language instruction for minority children in the United States of America as it is significant for America due to the recent establishment of American dual language education. All available resources have been applied to data collection during my stay in the States. A Qualitative and quantitative approaches were adopted to collect the data considering practical and analytical issues. The handed out questionnaires provided substantial empirical input into the academic debate about the effectiveness of dual language immersion programs in the States. The research revealed that immersion programs are the most effective forms of bilingual education in the United States of America. Despite power imbalances within the language minority students in a diverse society, the study has revealed immersion programs as viable means of second language acquisition and effective schooling practices for language majority and minority students in the United States of America.

Author Biography

Ekaterine Pipia

School of Languages

Coordinator of Intensive English Language Program

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PIPIA, Ekaterine. A Study of Dual Language Instruction in the American School System. IBSU Scientific Journal, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 2, p. 125-134, jan. 2011. ISSN 2233-3002. Available at: <https://journal.ibsu.edu.ge/index.php/ibsusj/article/view/160>. Date accessed: 27 nov. 2020.
Linguistics and Literature


dual instruction; minority and majority languages; parental involvement; cross-cultural attitudes; additive bilingualism