New Approach in Multiculturalism in the USA

  • Tamara Shioshvili


The face of America has been dramatically changed in the last decades of  the 20th century. In 1960s and 1970s a new generation of scholars started to  destroy the myth of exceptionalism. The hostility to exceptionalism remains,  while we observe a step from exceptionalism to transnationalism, which carries  the multicultural impulse to an international plane. It accentuates fundamental  differences between cultural groups. Transnational Approach to  multiculturalism is important as well as advantageous for Georgians. Since  ethnicity has become the focal point for the scholars of American Studies, we  hope Georgian immigrants will well preserve their language, culture for their  posterity and at the same time introduce it to Americans.
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Linguistics and Literature


multiculturalism, cosmopolitan, diversity.