Tradition of the Ashugh Poetry and Ashughs in Georgia

  • İlyas Üstünyer x


Having been disseminated over a huge geographic area the Ashugh literature has become enriched with colours and depths of many cultures throughout its seven centuries-long history. It is impossible to identify the country of origin and the primary social form of the given literary genre according to the sources. Nevertheless by the traces available in various cultural areas, the richness of form and content and the method of their juxtaposition it is yet possible to establish the main ways of dissemination of this literature. Georgia is the rarest of the places where Ashugh literature acquired a new form and content. Study of development of this tradition in Georgia will make a solid contribution to investigation of the issue which is an objective of the present article.
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Linguistics and Literature


Ashugh literature in Georgia; Georgian representatives of Ashugh literature; Similarity and differences of the Ashugh poetry in the region; Forms of performance of Ashugh literature