Women in Georgia

  • Giuli Alasania


The paper deals with a role of women in Georgia since the old ancient times  up today. Trend of gender equality is revealed on concrete examples, proceeding  from the evidences of the relevant sources. Share of women in all kinds of  activities in modern Georgia, correlation between emancipation of Georgia and  emancipation of women, advantage and disadvantage of the leader and Georgian  peculiarities in this term are studied.
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ALASANIA, Giuli. Women in Georgia. IBSU Scientific Journal, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 1, p. 108-116, jan. 2006. ISSN 2233-3002. Available at: <https://journal.ibsu.edu.ge/index.php/ibsusj/article/view/11>. Date accessed: 09 aug. 2020.


gender, equality, election, education, employment, unemployment