Food Security Concept, Condition and Trends in Georgia

  • Salome Asatiani


The concept of Food security cannot be considered under the context of a single country or even an entire region. This is the global one and requires a global attitude. Many international organizations coordinate and put attention to the food security issues, especially in the developing countries, where this problem more or less exists. Agriculture represents a significant segment of the economy of Georgia. Development of secure food for domestic consumption or export trade relies on uniform food policies and procedures that are consistently enforced by government agencies. The major objective of this article is to represent the current condition of food security in Georgia, identify main obstacles, show relationship between the economic factors and food production, to assess the future development trends and to show the number and proportion of undernourished persons, improve availability and quality of relevant food security information. This article presents a suite of food security indicators including in the Millennium Development Goals on the prevalence of undernourishment at the national and sub national levels. The summarized findings cover a wide range of food security statistics which provide the analytical background for identifying and locating the food insecure population. It can be concluded from the findings that Georgia has a moderate level of undernourishment
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Legal and Social Sciences, Economics


Food Security; Georgia; undernourishment; food deprivation; food consumption; dietary energy consumption